4 of Our Most Popular Truck Accessories

4 of Our Most Popular Truck Accessories

At Central Ohio Upfitters, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality truck accessories and products to our customers in the Columbus area. We have a wide range of truck accessories and are your one-stop shop for all things related to your pickup, Jeep, or work truck/van. Our team is made up of experienced truck experts who are dedicated to helping you find the perfect truck accessories. Learn more about our four most popular accessories, and stop by our store today!

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Truck Covers

Our truck covers are some of the most durable and high-quality truck covers on the market today. We offer a range of different truck cover options, including soft covers and hard covers that are all custom-made to fit your truck perfectly. Whether you need extra security for your truck bed or weather protection, we have the perfect truck cover for you.

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Modular Truck Caps

Our truck caps are another popular truck accessory that we offer at Central Ohio Upfitters. These modular truck caps provide extra protection and security for your truck bed, and they come in a range of different styles to suit your personal preferences. Whether you need a sleek, modern truck cap or one with more rugged features, we have the truck cap for you.


Step Bars

Looking to improve your truck's style and functionality? Look no further than our selection of truck step bars! Our truck step bars are easily installed on your truck and provide a safe, convenient place to rest your feet when getting in or out of your truck. They also add a stylish finishing touch to any truck, making them a great truck accessory for both style and practicality.

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Remote Start

Looking to make your truck more convenient and user-friendly? Our remote start systems are the perfect truck accessory for you! With our remote start systems, you can easily start your truck from the comfort of your own home or office. Plus, they are easy to install and operate, making them a must-have truck accessory for any truck owner. Visit our store today to learn more about our truck accessories and find the perfect products for your truck!

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