Top 5 Overlanding Accessories

Top 5 Overlanding Accessories

At Central Ohio Upfitters, we sell all of the overlanding accessories you need to take your truck to the next level, all at an affordable price. Our wide range of products can help you create a more immersive truck ownership experience while giving you access to the convenience they offer. Read more about our top five overlanding truck accessories and browse our selections today!


Step bars/Running boards

Step bars, running boards, and rock sliders provide you with a non-slip stepping surface to help you enter in and out of your truck. The main differences between these products are their material and color/finish options. They all provide the safety, stability, and style you need for your vehicle. With numerous makes and models to choose from, we are sure to have something for you!


Roof Racks

Roof racks are an excellent choice for carrying all the items you need for your next adventure. Our racks will keep everything safe and secure, as they fit flush with your vehicle model. This allows you to save space inside your truck and cab while not leaving behind the essentials.


Whether you are a farmer, fisherman, hunter, camper, or whatever lifestyle, we have the accessories your truck needs. Our truck coolers are a great way to keep any items nice and fresh during your activities, leaving you zero worries about them going rotten! We have multiple sizes to choose from, so don't hesitate and get everything you need for your next adventure.



Tools are expensive, so you want to keep them protected as best you can. Our toolboxes are the best choice for protection from weather and thieves, as they are made with excellent materials and long-lasting quality. With numerous sizes and utility options to choose from, let one of our upfitting specialists help you make the right choice!

Fleet Lighting-image3.jpg


Often find yourself on late-night adventures? Nothing will be more beneficial than our amazing lighting options. Never miss a moment, as our bright lights will give you access to the world once the sun goes down. We have various lights and installation options, so get yours today!

If your truck requires some excellent overlanding accessories, look no further than Central Ohio Upfitters, as we have everything you need to succeed! Visit us online for more information, or call us today. We are more than happy to help.